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Hanne Laland


Hanne Laland has displayed her art in different art events in Norway, France, Germany and Italy.

Her breakthrough came in China in 2017 at Museum of contemporary art, Beijing.

She (b. 1973, Norway) lives nearby the sea in the south of Norway. She is an autodidact artist.

Her art creation is a mix between figurative and abstract. 

She works on canvas, paper and steel. 

Her mediums are acrylic, Japanese ink and coal.

Body language is the most important element in her work.

She use the human form to communicate. 

The female figure exists alone or in an abstract form of nature.

They represent the feminine side, our feelings and our caring quality. 

When she depict a male, it is with the purpose of expressing the more masculine qualities in us. 


After 20 years practice as a psychological therapist

she is fascinated by the power of human body language and silent presence.

The way this alone has a huge impact both conscious and subconscious on people.


This is what she use in her work to affect the viewer.



"I like it simple, because life itself is simple

-if we choose to see it that way"

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